rainbow colored egg,black ink rendering designs on,
Pi and Sasha watching tv,cat on bed,dog peeking over edge,pen and ink crosshatch style
Pi and Sasha watching TV  
Illustration from Belly Acres Journal
coliseum in rome,pen and ink,oil on canvas,
All works copyrighted by Theresa C. Sitar 2011
flower market with children,oil on canvas,
crabbie,watercolor with pen and ink,lone crab on sand by surf
painted polymita,watercolor,yellow shell on beach
girl with flowers petting horse by stall,oil and pen and ink on canvas,
teenage girl walking on sand dunes with house in background,watercolor and pastel,
Mercy and Purrsy in the window,rendered in charcoal,two cats sitting outside window with green amaryllis on sill
Mercy and Purrsy in the window ~
illustration from Belly Acres Journal
mistletoe mouse,pen and ink,white mouse on black background,
Mistltoe Mouse
Pen and ink
Flower Market
Oil on Canvas
Rainbow Egg
watercolor and ink
P+I and oil on canvas
watercolor and P+I
Girl on the Beach
watercolor and Pastel
portrait from life in profile,oil on canvas,
Horsegirl with Flowers
P+I and oil on Canvas
Portrait from Life
oil on canvas
pet portrait, dog rendered in oil,Aspen,
martin luther king,monchrome portrait,red chalk,
kitty portrait commission,rendered in white chalk and charcoal on mid tone paper,
Martin Luther King II
Monochrome -red chalk
Mike and Visch
Nicky,monochrome chalk portrait from photo,
Portrait-Nicky from photo
Monochrome Chalk
Kitty Portrait commission
White Chalk and Charcoal on Mid-tone
Paper  11x14
Colored Egg
fun with tiling
painted polymita
11 x 14 Pet Portrait
16x20 oil on canvas
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